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Remember the gaping sewing table from yesterday?

brickhouseropewall 009a

First, I spray painted the entire table with primer and then shiny silver paint. Next, I glued the flip floppy top securely in place.

starcoolingrackgardenchandalier 004a

Here she is all dressed up in mirror tiles. Yep, all I did was go to Lowes, buy a pack of 12″ x 12″ mirror tiles and score, cut and glue ‘um on.

starcoolingrackgardenchandalier 008a

I figured out a simple pattern with paper, measured and drew lines on the mirrors with a Sharpie.

Next, I carefully scored the surface with a little glass cutting tool (read the directions!). After cutting glass, CAREFULLY rub the edges with a fine sandpaper, being careful not to cut your hand!!!!

Snap off excess mirror at the score lines and glue on to the surfaces you want to cover. I started with the top, let it dry, flipped the table on one side, then the next and then the front.

starcoolingrackgardenchandalier 007a

For a little pizazz-a-roony, I added one of my handmade vintage polymer/vintage earring knobs. What was once a big, brown box became a glittery, glammy bedroom side table.

starcoolingrackgardenchandalier 003a

starcoolingrackgardenchandalier 002a


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