How to Mount a TV Without Drilling?

By the end of this article, you should know how to mount a TV without drilling using the methods I’ll provide below.

Mounting a TV on the wall can be complicated depending on your situation. You might be looking for a long-term solution or maybe a short-term solution. Either way, drilling holes in the wall might lead to damaged electrical wires, gas lines, or water pipes. In this guide, I’ll teach you eight alternative ways to mount your TV. 

There are eight great alternatives for mounting a TV without drilling holes in the wall.

  1. Adhesives for Wall Mounting
  2. Adhesive Screws
  3. Double-sided Mounting Tape
  4. No-Stud Wall Mount
  5. Floor TV Stands
  6. Brick Clamps
  7. Ceiling TV Mounts
  8. TV Cabinet or Table

Follow the below article for more details.

Getting Started – 8 Methods

In this section, I’ll teach you eight methods to mount a TV without drilling holes in the wall. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages. Hence, use them at your own risk.

1. Adhesives for Wall Mounting

putting adhesive to  piece of wood
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At your local hardware store, you can find different types of adhesives. Some are good for metal, and others for wood or masonry. These adhesives are excellent for lighter objects such as small mirrors and paintings. But for a flat-screen TV, you’ll need something much stronger.

Luckily, strong adhesives can support the weight of a flat-screen TV. So, you can use an adhesive like No More Nails for the wall mount. Here are a few simple steps for wall mounting a TV using adhesives.

Step 1 – Measure

measure tv with tape measure
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First, measure the TV. This will prevent you from placing your TV in an area that either protrudes or may be too tight to fit.

Keep in mind when you bought the tv, the number of inches it had was measured diagonally, so the real figure will always be smaller.

Step 2 – Find the Perfect Location

man holding tape measure to find the perfect location for mounting

Then, decide on a good location you are willing to mount the TV on the wall. The wall surface should be smooth and flat. Also, don’t choose any surface that is damp.

Step 3 – Clean the Wall

clean the wall with clothe

For the adhesive to work properly, the wall should be clean. So, remove the dust and debris. If needed, use clean water. Then, wait until the wall gets dry.

Step 4 – Mark the Wall

man marking the wall using cardboard and marking pen

Next, mark the TV location and spots you plan to apply glue on the wall. Use a pencil or something similar. 

Step 5 – Apply the Adhesive

different brand of adhesives
Video | UniBond

Apply adhesive to the previously marked locations. Wear a rubber glove set during this step.

Step 6 – Mount the TV

TV mounted to the wall

Take your flat-screen TV. Then, press the TV against the wall. Make sure you get the alignment correct during this step.

Quick Tip: No More Nails glue takes 10 minutes to settle down. Hence, you can change the alignment of the TV within that time.

2. Use Adhesive Screws

If the adhesive wall mount technique does not work for you, use adhesive screws. These adhesive screws are specially made for rough surfaces such as concrete or brick walls. Using these screws is pretty easy. To mount your TV with adhesive screws, follow these steps.

Step 1 – Clean the Wall

cleaning wall using brush
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Clean the wall surface properly. Any dust or debris might cause issues while applying the glue. Use a small brush for this.

Step 2 – Place the Adhesive Tapered Bracket on the Wall

hand holding adhesive tapered bracket
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fix the adhesive-tapered bracket on the wall
Video | tesa SE

Fix the adhesive-tapered bracket on the wall.

Step 3 – Inject the Glue

inject the glue into the holes located on the bracket
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Inject the glue into the holes located on the bracket. You don’t have to buy adhesive separately. With most adhesive screw sets, you’ll get the glue.

Step 4 – Wait 12 Hours

adhesive-tapered bracket on the wall
Video | tesa SE

Wait until the glue cures (at least 12 hours).

Step 5 – Hang the TV

mount and hang the TV
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Hang the TV bracket on the wall by tightening the screws.

Quick Tip: One adhesive screw wall mount can hold up to 5kg. Therefore, you can hang a TV with a minimum of 4 wall mounts.

3. Double-sided Mounting Tape

The double-sided mounting tape has adhesive on both sides.

These mounting tapes are another option for mounting your flat screen TV on the wall. These tapes are suitable for smooth and rough surfaces. So, you can use these tapes on brick walls, stone walls, or wooden surfaces without any issue.

Two inches of double-sided tape can hold up to 1 pound of weight. That means you’ll be able to support 30 pounds of weight using one piece of tape. Usually, most TVs weigh less than 30 pounds.

Quick Tip: Whenever you mount a TV on the wall by using double-sided tape, remember to clean the wall surface properly.

However, remember that this is not the safest way to mount a flat-screen TV on the wall. Resort to it if you don’t have any other options. Here is a four-step guide to mounting a TV with double-sided tape.

Step 1 – Clean the Wall

First, clean the wall area properly. Otherwise, the tape won’t stick on the wall. Rub some alcohol and clean the wall.

Step 2 – Mark the Location

Place the TV on the wall and mark the location of the TV. Then, ask a friend to hold the TV close to the wall (there should be space between the TV and the wall) and mark the hanging location on the wall. Use a pencil for this step.

Step 3 – Place the Double-sided Tape on the Wall

Now, place the tape on the marked locations. Remember to read the instruction manual that comes with the Double-sided mounting tape.

Step 4 – Attach the TV

Finally, attach the TV to the wall. Carefully press on every TV part connecting with the tape to secure it.

Don’t Forget: Pressing too hard might damage the TV. So, be gentle during this step.

4. Use No Stud Wall Mount

stud wall mount
Video | Mount-It!

These aluminum no-stud wall mounts are one of the best options to mount a TV on the wall without drilling holes.

However, you’ll have to hammer some nails on the wall. But hammering nails won’t damage the wall compared to drilling holes. If you have doubts about how the no stud wall mount works, here’s a simple explanation.

As mentioned above, these mounts are made from aluminum and have many nail holes. You can nail the wall mount on the wall. Then, connect the exposed half of the mount with the TV.

The maximum size and weight of these no stud wall mounts depend on the thickness of the drywall. In other words, with thicker drywall, you can hang a much larger wall mount on the wall. A no-stud wall mount is one of the easiest ways to mount your TV on the wall.

5. Floor TV Stands

Buy a TV stand if you aren’t planning to hang your TV on the wall. But make sure your living room or the bedroom has the required space for the stand and the TV. These TV stands come in different sizes, shapes, and colors. If you are looking for a more advanced TV stand, buy a swivel mount TV stand.

Don’t Forget: Hide the TV cable inside the TV stand. It will give you a more aesthetically appealing view.

Tips for Better Use of TV Stands

  • Adjust the height according to your line of sight.
  • Some TV stands come with integrated cable management.
  • Some TV stands are portable. Choosing such a TV stand will give you more options.

What Are Hybrid TV Stands?

A hybrid TV stand will create the illusion of wall mounted TV. They can camouflage themselves. So, to a naked eye, it would seem like the TV is mounted on the wall. But in reality, it isn’t. These hybrid TV stands come in different forms and colors.

6. For Brick Walls Use Brick Clamps

Brick clamps are also known as brick clips, commonly used on brick walls. These brick clamps can fit between the small gaps in the bricks. They come with a saw tooth edge and a spring that connects with the brick.

For your flat-screen TV, 2 or 3 brick clamps are more than enough. However, the bricks should have smooth straight edges. Otherwise, the brick clamps won’t fit with the bricks. The motor joints should be large enough for brick clamps.

Quick Tip: Most brick walls have 3/8-inch motor joints. So, you’ll be able to attach the brick clamp to the brick wall without any issues.

7. Ceiling Mount TV

If you cannot mount the TV on the wall and at the same time if you don’t have enough space in the living room, you might get frustrated pretty quickly.

But don’t be. You can mount your TV on the ceiling. However, this process requires drilling holes. But not on your walls. Instead, you’ll have to drill holes in the ceiling. Here is a simple guide on mounting a TV on the ceiling.

Step 1 – Buy a Suitable Ceiling Mount

TV ceiling mount
Video | Jake Thompson

First, buy a ceiling mount according to the size of your TV. (1)

Step 2 – Gather Necessary Tools

mounting tools for tv mounting
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Then, gather the following tools.

  • Drill
  • Stud finder
  • Philips screwdriver
  • Flat screwdriver
  • Measuring tape
  • Marker pen

Step 3 – Use the Stud Finder

man uses stud finder at the ceiling
Video | Jake Thompson

Next, use the stud finder to locate the ceiling joists. Then, choose a suitable ceiling joist for drilling.

Step 4 – Start Drilling

drill screw holes in the ceiling
Video | Jake Thompson

Now, place the ceiling mount on the ceiling as a template and mark the screw locations on the ceiling.

placing the ceiling mount on the ceiling
Video | Jake Thompson

Then, drill screw holes in the ceiling.

Step 5 – Connect the Mount to the Ceiling

putting the ceiling mount on the ceiling
Video | Jake Thompson

Place the ceiling mount on the ceiling, and connect it to the ceiling via screws.

Step 6 – Connect the Other Parts

connecting the other parts
Video | Jake Thompson

Connect the other parts of the ceiling mount. Some parts might connect to the ceiling, and some might connect to the TV. If confused, refer to the user manual and follow the steps correctly.

Step 7 – Attach the TV

attach the TV to the ceiling mount
Video | Jake Thompson

Finally, attach the TV to the ceiling TV mount.

Don’t Forget: Wear safety gloves and glasses for protection, so pieces don’t fall into your eyes while drilling.

8. TV Cabinet or Table

If you like to keep things simple, buy a TV cabinet or a table and place the TV. Even though this method is old-fashioned, there are plenty of pros.


  • You don’t have to drill holes in the wall or the ceiling.
  • You can change the location of the TV any time you wish to do it.
  • Most cabinets and tables come with cable management features and ventilation holes.


  • Some cabinets or tables come with a fixed height. Hence, setting up your TV according to your eyesight might be difficult.

Which is the Best Method to Mount a Tv without Drilling Holes on The Wall?

flat-screen TV
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For those who are looking for good ways to mount a flat-screen TV, the above eight methods are the most convenient. However, the method you choose might vary depending on a few factors.

  • Budget
  • Aesthetics
  • Strength

When it comes to budget, using adhesive, adhesive screws, and double-sided tape is the cheapest.

On the other hand, if you worry about aesthetics, the floor TV stands or TV cabinets will give a much more attractive look.

But if you look for a permanent and robust TV mount, use brick clamps or no stud wall mount.

Whatever method you choose, don’t forget about safety. you should keep the TV safe, and you should be safe too. Hence, always double-check everything. One mistake can cost you a lot.

Apart from that, pay attention to cable management while mounting the TV to the wall. Secure cables properly and keep them away from your kids. (2)

Why Not Just Drill the Wall to Mount My TV?

Depending on your situation, you’ll have to resort to other methods. For instance, drilling a brick wall is not the best option for your safety. Or, you might be looking for a temporary place to mount your TV.

Considering the above two situations, drilling a hole in the wall isn’t the wisest thing to do. 

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