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If you didn’t know, I love to design ottomans out of all sorts of materials. Whether it’s simply restyling an existing ottoman, or whipping one up from scratch, the one detail that can make your ottoman a standout is a stellar set of legs.

Once you find a set of legs worthy of your one of a kind ottoman, you’ll need to know how to attach them securely to the base. Using T-nuts is a polished, high end method that says you know what you’re doing.

Here’s how you do it:

1. Drill four holes equal distance around your ottoman base

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2. Tap the T-nut (available at hardware stores) into the drilled holes from the side of the wood that will be facing up inside the ottoman, not the outside bottom of the ottoman

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3. After all four T-nuts are installed, screw the leg bolt into the bottom side of the drilled holes until the leg feels tight. Adjust if for proper alignment. A you tighten the legs, the T-nut is tightened down into the wood which secures the leg. Next, attach an tighten a nut on top of the extending leg bolt to prevent the leg from loosening.

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After all this, you may need to attach small screws into pre-drilled holes at the top of the legs as another way to hold them in place.