How to Install a Truck Tool Box Without Drilling?

In this article, I’ll share my past experiences to help you install your truck toolbox without drilling.

Picking the right toolbox for your truck is key to ensuring that all materials and equipment are securely stored without taking up too much space on the truck.

If your vehicle has pre-drilled holes for a truck toolbox, you can install one without drilling. Align the holes on the toolbox and truck before placing the toolbox in position. Now secure the box by tightening the nuts and bolts or J-hooks.

I’ll cover more details below.

Truck Tool Box Types

  • Crossover
  • Chest-style
  • Low-side
  • High-side
  • Flatbed
  • Gull-wing

Getting Started

Step 1: Getting Your Tools Ready

Before you begin, you must select a suitable position for installation. Make sure your work location is open enough for you to work in.

Now organize all the tools you use for easy accessibility.

truck tools

Tools Needed to Install a Truck Tool Box

  • Necessary screws
  • Open-ended wrench
  • Padding material
  • Screwdriver or spanner
  • Measurement call
  • Heavy-duty bolts
  • Aluminum-block-type nuts
  • Aluminum J-hook

Step 2: Get Some Rubber Foam Padding

When you install it onto your truck, the toolbox may damage the side and bottom. To prevent this, you’ll need adequate foam padding. It protects your vehicle from damage.

You will need to get rubber foam padding before beginning the installation process.

Get accurate length and width measurements for your selected box type with remapping tape. Then, lay foam padding on the truck’s bed liner.

Note: If your truck already has a bed liner, you can skip this step. This is because the coating can protect the truck from any damage by the box with the paint job.

Step 3: Place the Box in the Correct Position

The bottom of the truck’s cargo hold has a lot of holes, which are stuffed with several rubber plugs.

left side of a truck tool box in zoom

You must first remove the plugs from the box and position them correctly. Then loosen the cap to properly align the bottom holes with those in the truck bed rails.

Step 4: Lock The Bolts

After the toolbox and bed rail holes have been aligned, your bolts should be put in place and locked with screws.

Keep in mind that different trucks come with varying designs.

locking the bolt

You must complete this step before installing the rail box. To properly install a toolbox, you need 4 to 6 bolts.

Step 5: Tighten The Bolts

Now, you can tighten the bolts with pliers, wrenches, screwdrivers, and spanners—this aids in installing the toolbox on the truck’s bed rails.

Be careful not to over-tighten the bolt when assembling the bed frame. Otherwise, you may damage the rail.

Step 6: Double Check Work

Finally, confirm by checking the installation and ensuring everything is in place.

Now open the toolbox’s lid and ensure that it opens smoothly. Then check that all the bolts, nuts, and washers are fitted properly and tightly.

Truck Tool Box Installation Recommendations

  • The J-Hook must always be made of heavy-duty stainless steel, and the size should be a minimum of 5 to 16 inches wide by 5 inches long.
  • Nuts and bolts that look like an aluminum block that can be attached to a rail are the best types to use as they will not loosen or come undone due to unequal vibration.
  • Loctite can keep items together while preventing damage from vibration or jostling. This will help you avoid having the joints be either too tight or too loose. Also, using a rubber-coated foam strip will act as padding and ensure durability.
  • To avoid accidents, always inspect your tools and clean them of dirt, mud, or debris.

How Do I Lock My Tool Box?

There are several options for keeping your toolbox secure. We hope that these measures will help you keep your toolbox safe:

  • The best place to secure your toolbox on the truck is usually through the handles on its side.
  • Fasten the lock to the toolbox’s hasp and the truck’s chosen location.
  • To secure the padlock, close it.
  • In addition, you can use a padlock to secure the toolbox to the truck.
  • You may also mount the toolbox to the vehicle using a chain.

The steps above will allow you to install a truck toolbox (without drilling) effortlessly. I hope that you found this article useful.

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