One of my favorite sites is Cococozy. She never disappoints with her beautiful photos of covet-worthy interiors and high priced furniture. She’s in on all sorts of LA design happenings, as well as hot event on the east coast.

Aside from her life of design bliss, I just particularly love being able to take a peek into warm, sunny, fabulously furnished homes. And, I’m always looking for new ways to ‘do up’ the same old, same old pieces of furniture.

So, how about this burlap covered loveseat she discovered at a little Soho home furnishings shop called Michele Varian?

First of all, do you know how much a yard of 60″ wide burlap costs? About $6.99 a yard.

Can you guess what the pricetag is on this loveseat? Just a cool $2800.

ExSqueeze me?

Unless the loveseat frame is worth about $2600, this is a tiny bit overpriced.

I understand that people come to New York and it’s fun to shop in Soho and find unusual little pieces. That’s definitely worth something. However, my point is:


Find a little loveseat or even a little settee, find 60″ wide burlap online, purchase only about 4 yards, buy a staple gun, and some little copper nailheads. That’s it. You can do this, unless you find this burlap loveseat hideous and you’d rather see any fabric on it than utility chic burlap.

1. Take old fabric off (take photos)

2. Press each pattern piece

3. Lay out on the new burlap, cut out

4. Attach burlap (see some of my upholstery tutorials here)

5. Construct your seat cushion and lumbar pillow

6. Add itty bitty copper nailheads (Dkei Trim)

Photo Image: