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How to Cool a Tent with Electricity? (Powered Options)

I’ll teach you how to cool a tent with electricity in this article.

When camping, It can get too cold or too hot. As an electrician who goes camping as much as humanly possible, I will teach you some great ways to cool down a tent.

In general, there are several methods you can use to cool your tent.

  • Use Portable or Mobile Air Conditioners
  • Using Electric Humidifiers
  • Bonus Section: Evaporative Cooling Pads

I will dig deeper below.

How to Cool a Tent with Electricity

Firstly How do you get power to the tent?

  • Electrical Hookup – Many campgrounds in the USA offer electric hookups when camping around the campsite.
  • Camping Generators
  • Leisure Batteries

Do You Have an E-Port?

An E-port, also known as a tent electrical access port, is a feature on a tent that allows you to connect to a power grid. The connection will enable you to run an electrical line through the tent without leaving gaps or puncturing the fabric.

hand holdong an orange wire

You can access electricity from outside without having to open the tent.

Use Mobile Air Conditioner

It’s one of the simplest ways to cool a tent if you have a portable air conditioner (or even a window A/C).

The only drawback is that it requires running power from your car to operate. And that may not be possible during camping excursions away from civilization.

man besides an AC inside a tent
Video | Steve Wallis

How to Use Alternating Current — AC?

Having an air conditioner in your tent can be a lifesaver on those summer days, but use it with caution.

Because an AC generates a lot of electricity, if not used properly, you could end up electrocuting yourself.

As a result, if your AC is not properly grounded, it can cause damage to both the tent and you. Also, avoid placing it on flammable surfaces such as carpets or thin cloths, where it could accidentally start a fire. Because portable air conditioners make some noise, they are not recommended if you are camping near others who are sleeping in their tents

There are various portable air conditioners with features like dual-bladed propellers, auto-cooling, and even dehumidifying.

Some have sleep mode options that enable you to control the temperature within the tent with a remote. Such devices are expensive, ranging from 300 USD for a basic model to 1,000 USD, and therefore are not affordable for everyone.

How to Cool Your Tent with a Mobile Air Conditioner

Step 1. Choose a suitable location near the window where your AC unit can access the disrupted flow of air.

Step 2. Check that the adapter kit for the mobile air conditioner fits snugly. This shouldn’t be a problem most adapter kits are designed to fit perfectly into standard windows.

AC inside a tent
Video | Steve Wallis

Step 3. Once you’ve confirmed that your mobile adapter kit totally fits into the dimensions of your window, screw it down inside the window.

Step 4. Attach the ventilation hose to a window adapter, ensuring that they are perfectly aligned.

ventilation hose of a portable AC outside a tent
Video | Steve Wallis

Step 5. Hook up the drainage hose from your retractable air conditioner to your AC unit, and the other end to the drainage spot. 

Step 6. After you’ve connected all of the attachments, plug in your air conditioner and switch it on.

Electric Humidifier

An electric humidifier is also an excellent and inexpensive way to keep a tent cool. This allows you to easily create moisture in the tent while sleeping and maintain a cool environment for long periods. Some humidifiers also have an ionizer function that adds negative ions to the environment, improving air quality.

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You may as well use to tent both inside and outside. Some electric humidifiers are mobile and small enough to take with you on camping trips, hiking trips, or while traveling.

Others are quite bulky and can only be transported in a car. If you use them outside. You must fill them with water before switching them on. Otherwise, you risk torching the humidifier’s heating element.

Humidifiers require minimal maintenance. I prefer them over fans or cooling pads for cooling a tent. The key advantage of using an electric humidifier is that it produces moisture in a dry environment, which keeps a tent cool and enhances the air quality.

Bonus: Utilize Evaporative Cooling Pads

Evaporative cooling pads are the best way to keep a tent cool with water during summer.  These are inexpensive and effective at cooling a tent with water. By splashing water on them, they soak up excess heat from the air. The cooler pads you use, the greater the effectiveness.

man besides his heating pad
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Cooling pads operate on the evaporation phenomena, which entails the vaporization and condensation of the liquid. Once water is sprinkled on cooler pads, it evaporates and cools the surrounding air. Cooling pads are more effective than fans at cooling as they have a larger surface area for evaporation and can retain water longer than damp towels or rags.

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