stumplegsandcube 021a

So…after I made this tree stump table (inspired by Karen from The Art of Doing Stuff),

the atomic legs were not quite right. The shiny chrome got dulled after I sealed it. Off they came. Sanded and repainted, three of the legs went back on at the right angle, but this one refused to align. Drat! Then, it dawned on me. If I attach the T-nut (a threaded nut and cleat combo that is installed in wood for furniture leg attachment),

1. …to the leg snugly

2. place it back into the drilled hole at the correct angle

3. mark the T-nut with permanent marker at the proper position

4. take it off the leg bolt

5. pound it back into the wood,

then the leg should attach at the correct angle. It worked! Then I screwed in the set screw. The legs might look a little off due to the odd shape of the stump, but they are in perfect alignment. Take a look

stumplegsandcube 026a

stumplegsandcube 027a

stumplegsandcube 029a

stumplegsandcube 031a

stumplegsandcube 037a

stumplegsandcube 040a

stumplegsandcube 042a

stumplegsandcube 046a