How Many Volts in a AAA Battery? (Full Breakdown)

AAA batteries are a staple in any household, but how much voltage does each battery hold?

Each AAA battery contains 1.5 volts based on the nominal voltage given by manufacturers. The voltage can fluctuate higher or lower than 1.5 volts based on the battery’s current capacity. AAA batteries may even reach as low as 0.9 volts when completely discharged.

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The Voltage of AAA Batteries

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A AAA battery has a maximum voltage of 1.5 volts and a minimum of 0.9 volts.

The mentioned max voltage is also known as the nominal voltage, which can fluctuate higher or lower based on the battery capacity and connection to other batteries.

Nominal Voltage

Nominal voltage, also called rated voltage, is the voltage a battery is expected to produce.

Nominal voltage is calculated based on the composition and structure of the battery. This value is consistent regardless of the battery’s brand. The nominal voltage can be found on the battery’s packaging— either on the front or back with the manufacturing details— or on the battery itself.

Compared to the nominal voltage, the battery’s actual voltage may drop based on the amount of stored power left.

For example, a AAA battery is made from Alkaline or Zinc-Carbon. They are tested and proven to hold 1.5 volts when full consistently. However, if used, the actual voltage fluctuates and may fall as low as 0.9 volts.

AAA Batteries Voltage When Connected in Series or Parallel

The voltage of connected AAA batteries will increase or remain the same depending on the type of connection.

Batteries of the same voltage can be connected in series or parallel.

Series Connection

A series connection increases the voltage of the battery system— which refers to the interconnected batteries.

Let’s say you placed two AAA batteries inside a TV remote controller. You’re actually connecting those batteries in series with each other. The voltage of each battery remains at 1.5 volts. However, the battery system increases to 3 volts. The 3 volts is the sum of the voltages of all batteries (2 in our current example) connected in series.

Parallel Connection

A parallel connection retains the same voltage as each battery within the system.

Whether you’re connecting 2 or 5 AAA batteries, the overall voltage of your system remains at 1.5 volts. A parallel connection is more concerned with increasing the battery capacity than the voltage itself.

Parallel battery connections are most commonly used for DIY projects. This is because parallel connections will only work if the battery voltages are the same. It’s much easier to replace parallel-connected AAA batteries with a preexisting single-cell battery like an AA battery.


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