How Long Does a Cart Battery Take to Charge? (Timeframe & Charging Tips)

Ever had the itch to take a puff, but your vape pen takes too long to charge?

A cart battery takes 45 minutes to a maximum of 4 hours to charge. The charging time depends on whether your vape pen uses an internal or external cart battery. The former generally needs a few minutes to an hour to charge fully, while external batteries may take hours.

Vape Pen TypeCharging Time
Internal Cart Battery45 minutes – 2 hours
External Cart BatteryUp to 4 hours

Typical Charging Time of a Cart Battery

Vape pens with an internal cart battery take 45 minutes to 2 hours max to fully charge, while those with an external battery may need up to 4 hours of charging time.

The difference in charging time between internal and external cart batteries is mainly due to their power capacity.

Charging Times of Type-C and Micro-USB Connections for Vape Pens:

Connection TypeCharging Time
Type-CMinutes – 1 hour
Micro-USBFew hours

Internal batteries are permanently placed inside a vape pen. They cannot be removed or replaced without tampering with the pen’s circuits. These batteries are typically small in size and power capacity to keep the vape pen lightweight and quick to charge.

Larger and more powerful vape pens use external batteries as their main power supply. As the name suggests, external batteries are removable and use a separate charger from the vape pen.

External batteries have a significantly large power capacity and battery life. The separate charger reduces the charging time by providing more electricity without overheating the vape pen’s circuits.

Other Factors that Affect Charging Time

The charging speed of a cart battery is also affected by its power capacity and cable connection.

Vape pens use Type-C (USB-C) or micro-USB connections to recharge their batteries.

Type-C cables charge your devices up to 20 times faster than a regular micro-USB. Type-C vape pens may take minutes to an hour to fully charge, while micro-USB ones may need a few hours.

The charger type and cable connection usually compensate for the power capacity’s effect on the charging time.

Type-C connections or a separate battery charger are used for powerful vape pens to reduce the overall charging time. After all, you’d spend more time charging the vape pen than using it if manufacturers used a slower charger instead.

How to Effectively Charge Your Vape Pen

Not only does taking care of your vape pen’s battery extend its life span, but it also keeps the charging time low.

Use the Proper Charger

The charger included with your vape pens is specifically configured to its battery. Using the proper charger prevents prolonged charging periods, overheating issues, and other safety issues regarding the battery.

Avoid Overcharging

Most vape devices don’t have automated charging as phones and laptops have. They’ll continue to use power if the charger is connected, even at full battery capacity. Immediately disconnect the vape pen from the charger once it’s fully charged.

Stop Charging Too Often

Charging your vape pen after every few puffs wears out the battery faster. Instead, continue to use the vape pen until the battery is fully depleted- doing so lets the battery safely run through its entire power capacity.


Internal vs External Batter Vapes.

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