pounding in pewternails

Photo image: ApartmentTherapy

If unique upholstery details grab your attention while thumbing  through shelter mags, you’ve probably oggled decorative nailheads that knock your socks off.  These aren’t your basic Joann Fabrics nailheads.  These are those impossible to find materials reserved for designers or  “To the Trade Only” . They get all the good stuff.  However, if you’re trying your own hand at a DIY upholstery project that screams for a stunningly chic  nailhead, you can still go through a designer if you’d like, order through tasseltrim.com or more easily, order them right here through my etsy shop (sorry).

Check these out for your viewing pleasure:


 My goal is to make materials and components available to any DIY-er who is tired of generic products and wants to take their DIY design to the next level.