Does Changing Spark Plug Wires Improve Performance?

Your vehicle may be experiencing engine idling, poor acceleration, and many other combustion-related problems. The issue may not be with the engine, old spark plug wires have been known to cause such malfunctions. Increased carbon emissions due to incomplete combustion of the air-fuel mixture and low horsepower are also associated with faulty or worn-out spark plug cables. Using new and functioning spark plug wires can be great for your car’s overall performance. New cables properly transmit electricity to the spark plug which in turn generates an adequate spark to burn the air-fuel mixture efficiently.

So, yes, changing spark plugs improve performance. I have replaced countless spark plugs and spark plug wires for my clients at the garage. I am going to discuss the various advantages of using new spark plugs. It is important to note that changing spark plugs involves replacing the wires too.

Generally speaking, spark plug and spark plug wires are integral components of any vehicle’s combustion or ignition system. They are responsible for the generation of sparks required to ignite the air-fuel mixture. So, if they are worn out the combustion system may fail to work properly. But replacing them has many benefits which include: increased fuel efficiency, proper fuel combustion, comfortable start-up performance, lower carbon emission, and improved horsepower.

We will discuss each benefit in detail later in this guide. But in general, always verify the status of your spark plug and its wires. If you notice any abnormal developments like wide gaps, instantly install a new set of spark plugs and cables.

5 Benefits of Changing Spark Plugs

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The spark plug receives electricity from the other parts of the ignition system and generates a spark. The electric spark carries a high-voltage current from the ignition coil into the combustion chamber to ignite the air-fuel mixture.

Spark plugs, just like any other materials, are subject to physical depreciation or wear and tear. So, as your spark plug gets older, it is good to replace them with new ones.

It is important to understand that spark plug replacement requires new cables. That is because old spark plug cables cannot transmit high-voltage current from the ignition coil to the cylinder.

Using fresh spark plugs in your ignition system has many benefits. We will discuss the five main ones.

1. Optimum Combustion Engine Performance

Since the spark plug is one of the major components responsible for air-fuel mixture combustion, ruined or worn-out spark plugs can mess up the ignition system. The car’s gas mileage will be affected, and the vehicle will consume more power.

A new spark plug that functions well will boost your car’s performance. So, routinely obtain new sets of spark plugs to keep your car in good condition. You will also be avoiding any repairs necessitated by poorly functioning spark plugs.

2. Increased Fuel Efficiency

According to the National Institute of Automotive Service Excellence, worn-out spark plugs can cause the engine to misfire. That results in a 30% lower fuel economy for your vehicle. Constant maintenance costs and refueling are also due to poor spark plugs. Effectively, the gross maintenance costs will be too high for the owner.

The engine will churn more fuel before initiating the combustion if the spark plug is faulty. That is due to insufficient voltage supply to the air-fuel mixture to cause the ignition. Since spark plugs are bound to lose grip with time, it would be best to constantly check and replace them.

New spark plugs will improve fuel efficiency and hence will restore both fuel economy and gas mileage.

3. Flawless Start-Up Performance

Old spark plugs influence the car’s performance. They can lead to rough idling, poor acceleration, and engine idling.

Noticeably, aging spark plugs have wide spark plug gaps due to wear. The consistency of the combustion system can be interrupted. Engine idling and poor acceleration occur as a result.

Luckily, you can prevent all these malfunctionings by using newer spark plugs.

4. Lower Carbon Emission

C02 g/km target 2021

Faulty spark plugs put a lot of pressure on the vehicle’s engine. However, fresh spark plugs have the correct gap size and they will function at optimum power. This optimal performance reduces carbon emissions into the atmosphere while economizing fuel.

The Environmental Protection Agency cordially encourages regular car maintenance due to these reasons. Higher levels of carbon in the atmosphere consequently lead to abnormal rates of global warming – which is dangerous for plant and animal life. (1)

5. Improved Horsepower

Your car’s horsepower and overall engine efficiency will improve exponentially if you use newer and more effective spark plugs. That’s practical, try using brand spark plugs and you will notice quicker engine response when driving.

Ideally, spark plugs do not raise the horsepower; they simply restore it to the best combustion level. The car will function like a new one, with optimum acceleration and fuel efficiency. (2)

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