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I’ve never jumped on an idea so fast in my entire life, but since my desk chair was giving me fits, I had to act fast.

Here’s how I did it:

1. Put on a warm coat

2. Walked out into the garage

3. Scoped out possibilities in my furniture stash

4. Grabbed this little little mid century coffee table which stands 15″ tall, carried it inside

5. Cleaned off the bottom of the legs

6. Cleaned off my desk top

7. Placed table on top of desk

8. Replaced monitor, keyboard, mouse and lamp

Get this, there’s even a little center drawer in the coffee table for pencils and pens. And it wouldn’t be the end of the world if you brought in a tall stool to just lean against every now and then.

Truth be told, this could be 1 1/2″ shorter to fit me perfectly. However, I’ve been working all day with no back ache, I’ve been able to do some squats while photos were uploading and I even did standing Pigeon Pose with my knees and legs sliding onto the desk top under the coffee table. Yoga friendly don’t ya know?

The whole look needs a bit of tweaking, but now I’ll have the energy and relaxed back to pretty things up when I get some time.