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Just Google Color Blocking and you’ll get about a zillion great fashion images. The images for interior design Color Blocking aren’t quite so prolific. Have you wondered how to pull off the look in your space without looking like a preschool classroom?

Not a science by any stretch, there are a few tips on how to successfully get interesting color combinations. I’m a bit smitten by the trend because it takes so much of the confusion out of it for me.

Lucky Magazine has a smart little primer on color blocking. It’s aimed at fashion, but again, fashion and interiors go hand in hand.

Opposites attract. There are a few things to remember when it comes to color-blocking with the right colors. Make sure you only have one neon color. While it’s totally okay to rock three bold colors, only one of them should be super bright. We like this formula: one bright, one bold, one neutral.

Also, remember that neutral doesn’t have to mean nude. Use white, grey, brown and black to hold your outfit together. And an easy way to make sure you get the trend right, even without a neutral? Stick with different hues of the same color. Sky blue, cobalt and navy look great, while pale pink, bright pink and fuchsia do as well.

Having a tough time figuring out what to pair with what?

Here are some more hues that go great together:

1. Cobalt Blue, Yellow, Orange

2. Chocolate Brown, Pink, Peach

3. Purple, Bright Blue, Teal

4. Deep Blue, Bright Pink, White

5. Coral, Grey, Ivory

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So, for me, it boils down to combining simple, interesting colors and shapes. That’s it, it’s all I need. If there’s a piece of fabulous art in there, that much the better. In the next week or so, I’ll be dabbling with color blocking projects to get this urge out of my system.

The look can also be done in a subtle and stunning way by keeping things very neutral. Just look at this simple, calm room, yet the yellow adds just the right zing to make it anything but blah.



If committing to big, bold colorful furniture is a bit much, just go for a color blocked canvas like this one from The Selby? Very DIY-able.



Until then, just look for color combos that are unusual and easy to live with. Even if you only find them in fashion, it’s all translatable (is that a word?) to pillows, headboards, privacy screens, walls, dressers, etc.

Any of these combos could work in a room. Muting ultra bright colors down for interiors makes them more liveable.



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