diy chair bottom 5a

We’ve seen plenty of slip seat reupholstery projects but this one gets an A ++++. Handy guest blogger Krista, over on Sew Homegrown posted a lovely little tutorial showing how she completely replaced “Mema’s” (her gram’s) dining room chair seat wood along with doing a dandy DIY Upholstery job. When I see what you happy upholsterers are doing, I get a hankerin’ to tear something down. I’ll get to that sometime. (Remember the story of the shoemaker’s children going unshod?)

Krista saw right away that the old wood seat had to be replaced. She used 1/2″ plywood and had hubby show her how to rev up the power tools, to which she took a shine.

diy chair bottom 8a

It isn’t necessary to build that little inner wooden seat frame that sits down inside the chair frame, but can you blame her for wanting to get her hands on that nail gun?

1 diy chair bottom 17a

Now to pad and upholster and she’s finished.

And the finished seat in a very nice styled photo.

See more photos and Krista’s material list over on Sew Homegrown.