The first eye catching element in this soft pink piano room makeover was the color of pink. Combined with what I hesitate to call, due to overuse, a ‘well curated’ collection of furnishings, the room is so well done, I couldn’t NOT share it. What makes this room so spectacular? Well, let’s see.

1. Black herringbone fireplace bricks.

2. Moulding all over the room, all painted the same pale, blush-y pink

3. DIY gone right: hand painted benches with hand painted fabric flanking the fireplace

4. The FLOOR!! (Maybe the most influential item in this room.)

5. The two Jonathon Adler tub chairs (another good reason to embrace vintage furniture)

6. Tall black floor lamp by the piano

7. Black and white framed photos

Alone, I wouldn’t have given a second thought to the individual pieces in this room, but here’s a case where the sum of the elements adds up to substantially more than each one standing alone. Except for the piano-that could do a solo in any room.


This gem of a room was created by Christine Dovey Design in response to a project called One Room Challenge, created by Linda of Calling It Home. Each of the twenty designers had to completely re-do a room in six weeks. Even though rushing through a room makeover makes me tense, it’s worth it to see what these clever participants did in a month and a half.

Christine’s client needed a makeover for the piano room which housed a gorgeous, show stopping square grand piano. Christine’s vision was

…to design a space that would allow the piano to take center stage but also give the rest of the room some sort of purpose…and of course, I wanted the place to be pretty…and by pretty, I mean: modern, layered, edgy and dramatic.” 

Usually, I only focus on specific pieces of upholstered furniture. But lately, I’ve been thinking more about how individual pieces work together within a space. You want your pieces to ‘play well with others’ and I would venture to say that this is one happy play group.

When I first noticed the little DIY bench makeover, of course I was interested. Then, I stepped back and saw the entire piano room transformation. The benches are small players, but add a remarkable approachability and nice piece of handmade loveliness. Kudos to Christine for that depth of aesthetic, as well as to the creative fabric painter, Hollie Cooper of The Pink Zipper. (I always love the makers!!).


Read more about Christine’s project over on her blog, Bijou and Boheme.

Hold your jaw, here are the BEFORE AND AFTER’S