Man, I love it when projects turn out well, especially when I’m working under a deadline. Take a look at these three, super easy, solar patio lamps I put together with only a few inexpensive materials. I bet if you go look through your craft  stuff, you probably have some sand, crystal rocks and old vases or fish bowls laying around. All you need to do is go buy some solar pathway lights at Lowes and INSTANT solar patio party.

The Star didn’t post the  picture of the remade table lamp above, but that one turned out to be my favorite. It’s a real table lamp, only run on solar power.  All you have to do is gut the lamp of the cord, light switch and make sure you have the kind of shade where the top of the metal part of the frame fits down low on top of the light socket.

I was kind of surprised they power up and emit light for such a nice long stretch. modhomeecsolartablelamp1aAll that was needed for this one was a round bowl, clear stones and a path light that fits right down on top of the globe rim.  Run a bead of hot glue around the rim and press the solar light down firmly on the bowl edge.

modhomeec3diysolarlamps3This little modern number changes colors from red to blue to green and it’s got the crackled, crystal globe thing going on. It’s the pricier of the three at about $8.49 each, but the changing colors make it worth it. modhomeec3diysolarlamps4There you have it, three spectacular solar powered patio table lamps for all of your after dark summer parties.

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